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Grey Water Solutions

Grey water recycling is the capture of water from your shower, bath, hand basin, laundry trough, and washing machines, grey water is not water from a toilet, kitchen, urinal or bidet this is termed black water.

An average household in Australia (3.3 persons) uses 459 Kilolitres of water per year that’s approx 1259 litres a day, which equates to 117 litres of grey water per person per day. Approximately 707 litres each day is used outdoors for garden watering, pools and car washing.

Grey water can be used to irrigate gardens, which reduces the demand on the premium quality ground and surface water resource.

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Rain Water Harvest

This is the capture of that valuable and limited rainwater from your roof and storing it in a tank or tanks and using this for the flushing of toilets and Laundry use, or for the whole house, dependant on the size and area of your house and roof.

The Storage tanks can be of a bladder type and positioned in a void under your house, or an underground plastic storage tank buried in the garden where its presence has no impact on the house or garden. Or an above ground tank that can be positioned close to the house along an outside wall or in an area of garden.

Various types of pumps are available to pump from the tanks, when rainwater is in them, when this runs out the pumps can switch from rainwater to mains water so no interruption is experienced in the house and no manual switching over is necessary.

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5 Star Energy Rating

The more stars a Hot water system has the more efficient the system is

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